The Importance of an Investment Process

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Let me set the scene. Last Sunday morning I was driving on the Kiama bends on the south coast of NSW, Australia. In my rear vision mirror, I happened to notice a car cornering substantially faster than any other car. It was approaching my car very quickly.

Risk, Uncertainty and Volatility – Should you be investing?

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Should we be investing now given the current levels of risk, volatility, and uncertainty in financial markets? This was a question we were asked several weeks ago during a presentation. We shared our response to this question in our most recent monthly Portfolio Update – sent to those clients that have engaged our Individually Managed […]

Never underestimate the power of doing nothing.

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– Post from early 2016 – In soccer, when the defending team commits a foul near their own goal, the attacking team are awarded a ‘penalty kick’. A penalty kick involves an attacking player receiving a ‘free shot’ on goal from 12 yards out, with only the goalkeeper to beat. Several notable psychological studies have analysed […]

Interest Rates – An important indicator is moving

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– Post from December 2016 – University Finance 101 teaches students an important fundamental investing concept – the time value of money. That is, one dollar in your hand today is worth more to you than one dollar in your hand in one year. Why? Because you can invest the one dollar in your hand […]